Sunday, September 17, 2017

Day 12 of The General Chapter

After Mass, animated by the African Region, with songs in different African languages, we started our half day of work, with a presentation by the General Secretary for Formation, Sister Marie Mouris of Val d’Igny. The main part of the conference, with the additional Q&A, was the presentation of Experientia, a program of Reflection and Sharing, that would start in 2018. 10 themes were chosen with fitting texts from our Cistercian patrimony to be studied personally and then shared within the community. This could be a very good help in the ongoing formation of monks and nuns personally and as community.

After this interesting talk, we listened to the evaluations of the different commissions, as we are half way through the chapter. The evaluations were very positive, although some minor issues could be addressed. Every one agreed that the Sunday afternoon free was a very good idea, and we all enjoyed it today, as we did last week. After this the General Chapter took some votes and worked a bit more in the different commissions. And this concluded this half day of work.

Fr Jan,
Region of the Isles