Sunday, September 10, 2017

Vision of the Order

The highlight for this morning has been the “Vision of the Order” presentation given by Dom Gerard of Genesee. I was hoping we would be able to post the entire text of the talk. We were later told that we could post pictures but not the document. Apparently, it had already made an appearance on Facebook. The response to it was very touching. Many expressed their deep appreciation during the time for comments immediately following. Many others came up to Dom Gerard afterwards and personally thanked him, some with tears in their eyes. The presentation mapped out for us the direction in which we need to be heading, and what aspects of our life are elemental. 

Impressions: It’s wonderful to see how we’re all still wearing habits. It shows how our Order has managed to stay fairly traditional. It is also inspirational to witness the prayerfulness of the participants of the General Chapter. After Mass, most stay sitting in their seat making a prayerful thanksgiving. It is in stark contrast to the noisy atmosphere in parishes of the US right after Mass. There is also a great respect for the Grand Silence. If our life is dedicated to prayer, we need to take it seriously. The other members of this General Chapter have been a valuable witness for me. 

Fr. Stephen, Genesee