Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The last day of the General Chapter

They came from all over the world,
We came from all over the world,
And we worked together,
Listening to each other,
Hearing the joys,
The sorrows,
The difficulties,
The set backs,
The challenges.
We heard of new life,
Of life lived to the full,
Of life transmitting life.
We tasted new wine
From wise wineskins.
And we looked for new skins,
New and better ways,
To bring this new wine 
To the next generation.
And we discovered
That wine must not be kept in the dark,
In the cold, 
Enclosed too long.
It must flow.
It must flow from an overflowing source,
A source filled to the rim
With the goodness of living water,
Turned to the better new wine
Through the Word of the Lord.
Do what He saying will,
Said His Mother.
And the water flowed,
The new wine flowed, 
From more than six stone jars,
It flowed from more than two hundred hearts,
From the generous hearts
Of Abbots and Abbesses,
Of monks and nuns,
Of brothers and sisters.
And it will bring joy to their beloved,
Peace and joy,
Gentleness and kindness,
Fraternity and mutual support
To live the life of the Word,
The life of Charity,
The life of Faith,
The life of Hope,
The life of Christ
Whose Spirit 
Brought us together 
From all over the word,
And work together
And listen
To what the Spirit says to the Churches,
The local Churches
Of our communities,
And the Church at large.
And than…
Live accordingly,
Live to the full,
Live eternally
And share this life
With all who 
Seek life.

This General Chapter
Gave life,
Pascal Life,
To all capitulants
And to the whole Order,
And to the world at large.

Thank you,
God be praised.

Fr Jan
Region of the Isles