Friday, September 8, 2017

What a privilege...

What a privilege to be here at the General Chapter! It gives one a greater appreciation of this world-wide, centuries-old Order we belong to. 

We were instructed not to report on what happens each day, what votes were taken, who got elected. This blog is supposed to be about our impressions as the days go by. Since the blog is open to the public, we must be discrete. 

Fr. Jan, in our first post, gave many wonderful impressions in his very creative poem. Maybe in the days to come we can unpack some of those ideas and insights. 

All the delegates met together in a group Thursday evening. What a young and vibrant group!! Reading past house reports, one might get the impression our Order is dying. The youthful energy in the room gave much cause for hope. There were many language groups represented, but Sr. Tamar from Klaarland in Belgium was able to translate for us. She is the delegate for her region and can communicate in 7 or 8 languages – all with humility, simplicity, and cheerfulness. 

Actually, those three traits just mentioned are very much in evidence at this meeting, in all the members you meet. Maybe our love for manual labor and rural places keeps us down-to-earth. 

Fr. Stephen, Genesee