Wednesday, September 6, 2017

They came from all over the world...

They came from all over the world.
We came from all over the world.
We came from all over the place,
To this little place, this Portiuncula.
All of us responding to the invitation,
All of us answering to the call
To come together,
To be united,
To be one
With the One,
In the One.
We came,
Men and women,
Images of the One.
Men and women of all colours,
Of all nations and races,
Speaking all the languages,
Defying Babel,
Recreating Pentecost.
All wearing black and white,
Perhaps a little grey,
And one splash of orange,
A colourfull bunch
Of brothers and sisters,
Of mothers and fathers,
Abbas and ammas,
To become brothers and sisters again,
All children of Jesus,
Bambini di Gesu,
Fathers immediate
And mothers not so immediate,
And motherhouses,
Working together
Towards the one father house,
The house of peace,
The Domus Pacis
In Portiuncula,
The little place,
This little portion of the world.
To write a new chapter.
A new line towards the future.
Will we hear the harp of Saint Francis?
Wil we find the true treasure
Of the little poor one?
The riches of the Poverello?
We will seek,
Perhaps we will find.
May our hearts be as a clear spring,
Our minds pure,
Our lives transparant
As Saint Claire
And the chiarobscura,
Will turn to pure light,
A light to enlighten the peoples,
And bring salvation
To our Order And the world,
For there is only one light,
Christ our light,
The Light of the world.

Fr Jan
Caldey Island