Friday, September 22, 2017

Day 17 of the General Chapter

We had quite a busy morning today in the aula. First we congratulated Fr Thomas, the secretary of the Coordinating Commission on his birthday. The Abbot General’s Counsel was presented and also the members of the new Law Commission.

And then it was time to vote. There were votes about continuing the regimen of Superior ad Nutum in a few houses, and votes on the resignation of several Abbots and Abbesses. This was followed by the presentation of new votes on similar subjects, and the formation of a few commissions of Aid to assist houses in difficulties. For the rest of the morning we listened on a whole series of reports concerning resignation, houses in difficulties and the summary reports on the House Reports by different commissions. 

In the afternoon the Regions met to elect a new president and vice-president and a delegate and substitute delegate for the Central Commission of 2019 to prepare the General Chapter of 2020. After the break, some commissions met to finalise their reports. As many of the capitulants are ill, with colds and/or flue, the tiredness begins to be felt even more. Those who were ready with their work could enjoy some extra free time and enjoy the beautiful Italian weather.

And tomorrow is another day, a great day, for we are invited to meet Pope Francis in a special audience. But this will be the subject of another contribution by Fr Stephen.

Fr Jan,
Region of the Isles.